Young eco 
champions plant 
200 saplings

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LAST Wednesday, Exminster Community Primary School’s Eco Team joined forces with Exminster’s Green Spaces, Peter Chandler, to plant 200 saplings.

The Woodland Trust kindly supplied the saplings for the school to plant on Milbury Reach and the newly planted bank will create a hedge on the bunds.

They will provide a home and corridor for wildlife, at the same time assist in the control of rain water runoff for years to come.

This has been organised under ACT’s (Action for Climate Teignbridge) wildlife warden scheme and has been welcomed by First Port, the company who  maintain the area.

The Eco Team thoroughly enjoyed planting the saplings and the accompanying plaque, hand crafted by Peter.

Sarah Whalley, headteacher of the school and leader of the Eco Team said: ‘The Eco Team are a passionate group of representatives from across the school who want to raise awareness of environmental issues, want everyone to fall in love with nature and are avid about spreading the message that every little action can help.

Our young people are the voice of the future and they will be the ones watching these trees grow for years to come.

‘Looking after our environmental is such an important aspect of education for our children as they are our future voice and leaders.’

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