Teignmouth duo hotfoot it to Exeter to highlight plight of Ukranian refugees

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A DYNAMIC duo set off to Exeter on foot this morning (Thursday) to highlight the plight of displaced Ukrainians fleeing their homeland and have raised more than £500 in the process.

Poppy Redfern and Isobel Hampton are walking from their school in Teignmouth to their sister school, St Nicholas’ Catholic, in Exeter; a route of approximately 16 miles and the journey is expected to take more than six hours.

Before setting off Poppy said: ‘I’m glad we can do this for people who need support more than us right now – I hope we can manage to walk all that way!’.

Isobel said: ‘It is a bit daunting because I’ve never walked that far in my life, but I’m glad to be doing it because it’s a good time to reflect on what the Ukrainians are going through’.

As of Thursday, April 14, the girls have raised £560 on their JustGiving page and the money will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).

Poppy’s mum, Liz, said: ‘We are very proud of the girls for their compassion for other people, this was all their idea, as they have heard about how awful it is for those having to flee to safety.

‘They wanted to do something to make a small difference, and the choice of a 16 mile walk was deliberate as this is the average distance many Ukrainians have had to go on foot.

‘We are really pleased to be able to support them, and in turn support the Ukrainian people who have no choice about what is happening to them.’

The DEC brings together aid charities to raise funds at times of crisis overseas; at present the DEC are supporting Ukraine and the Ukrainian people displaced by the ongoing conflict.

For those looking to donate and support Poppy and Isobel’s efforts the JustGiving page can be found at – www.justgiving.com/fundraising/liz-hampton2

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