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Stay hydrated and wear suncream, Met Office urges

WITH temperatures in Teignbridge set to keep soaring this week, The Met Office has singled out tomorrow [Friday] as a day to be particularly wary if you’re out in the sun.

Most of us welcome the arrival of summer, with the chance to get outside and enjoy the sunny weather.

But when it’s too hot for too long, there are health risks. In England, there are on average 2,000 heat related deaths every year.

And with Newton Abbot set to experience highs of up to 29C, the public is being reminded to take care when out and about.

The main risks during hot weather are: not drinking enough water (dehydration); overheating, which can make symptoms worse for people who already have problems with their heart or breathing; and heat exhaustion or heatstroke.

You are urged to take extra care if you are vulnerable and look out for those most at risk.

Steve Brown, director of Public Health Devon, is urging residents to beat the heat and look out for the most vulnerable in our communities as temperatures look set to soar this week.

He said: ‘Devon is a great place to be whatever the weather, and when the sun shines everyone is more likely to be enjoying the great outdoors.

‘But the summer heat can be dangerous, so please make sure you stay safe in the sun by covering up, using sunscreen and keeping hydrated.

‘It’s also a good idea to avoid being out in the peak heat from around 11am to 3pm, and find ways to stay cool such as moving to shaded areas, taking cool showers and keeping curtains closed during the day.

‘Please also look out for the most vulnerable in our communities over the summer months. Although much of the advice about beating the heat is common sense, some people may need extra help coping with the hot weather and keeping cool.

‘It’s vital we all follow the advice and adapt what we do when needed, so we don’t put our local NHS services under any more pressure.’

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