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TEAMWORK is vital in all walks of life, writes Dawlish mayor Cllr Val Mawhood Whether in a work environment, or in the community or even between nations as we currently see the need. We each have different ideas which sometimes makes it difficult to work as a team but we also have different experiences, knowledge and expertise which when brought together can lead to a better outcome.

One shining example is the way in which there are so many successful clubs, groups and various organisations in Dawlish Town and Parish, which are run by volunteers who bring their individual talents together to make things work… a team!

Some of these are the youth clubs and sports clubs which I am trying to support through my Mayoral Charity Fund. I have included some information this week about the Dawlish Warren Life-saving club for your interest. Obviously teamwork is absolutely vital when someone’s life is in danger.

In a different way members of Dawlish Town Council make committee or ‘team’ decisions, to the best of our ability, when delivering services to our community. Decisions are always majority decisions and as has often been said ‘there is no I in Team’! Some Councillors make themselves heard and others just quietly get on with the work but all do the best they can for the electors.

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