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Something for everyone at the Devon County Show

So much to see, so much to do.

The 2020 Devon County Show gets underway in just a few hours a time.

Prime cattle are being carefully coiffured, horses groomed, griddles fired up and vintage tractors being polished to glistening perfection as exhibitors and traders alike prepare for the show that celebrates all that is good in Devon at the Westpoint Arena.

In the cattle ring the South Devon Herdbook Society’s National Show takes place tomorrow (Thursday) with the breed champion will be announced lunchtime.

In the running to take the title is Dr Octopus into the ring, who will be lead in the ring by farmer John Tucker of West Prawle Farm near Salcombe.

The South Devon is so named because John is a devoted Marvel fan and this is his favourite character from Spiderman.

If you like all things equine then the show is once again heavy on horses with hunters, ponies, showjumping, miniature horses and heavy horses. Pride of the latter will be Polly the a shire horse owned by Kerry Roberts from Holsworthy,

Polly gave birth to a healthy filly Penny back in April bringing the total number of Shire horses in England to 3001

‘Both Polly and I are over the moon with her new filly,’ said Kerry, ‘ I’m Not sure which of us is more excited.

‘It was lovely to see Penny transform overnight into the most wonderful caring mum – the bond between them is just beautiful to behold.’

Remaining true to its roots for promoting farming to all ages, the Devon County Show is proud to announce the return of Farmwise.

Youngsters will be able to immerse themselves in a wide range of sensory experiences to fuel their interest in farming and nature including flowerpot making, seed planting, apple pressing, egg hatching, and flour grinding. They can also witness tree-felling by lumberjacks, try their hand at feeding calves and witness the wonderful display of scarecrow creations made by children from around Devon.

Taking inspiration from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Green Canopy initiative, children will be invited to celebrate the importance of trees with a walk through a woodland garden feature curated by Chief Steward, Deborah Custance-Baker.

The garden will be planted with a variety of native trees including oak and beech and children will be offered the opportunity to learn how important a green canopy is to our eco system and spot the particular species of wildlife that thrive in woodland areas. They’ll also be invited to learn how a tree grows as well as to guess the age of a tree from its rings

And keeping with the platinum jubilee there will be a vintage Fordson tractor from 1952, as part of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations which will be processing through the show ground as part of a vintage tractor parade.

Gates open tomorrow at 7.30am.

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