You are currently viewing Martin Heath with his latest column – ‘Has the UK lost the plot?’

Martin Heath with his latest column – ‘Has the UK lost the plot?’

Having our own national energy company and not having our energy controlled by overseas companies and even governments; keeping our gas storage; some ten years back, having solar panels on new homes and existing offices and commercial building; starting to insulate the walls of older properties using incentive schemes; joined up planning new housing estates with hospital capacity in the area and limiting homes to ability to fully care; dealing with the wastefulness of too many middle management in the NHS, writing emails all the time and not being on the front battle-line taking the pressure off those who need help; building on top of bungalows which the elderly need and which makes no impact on the housing shortage, but just annoys the neighbours; the immigration crisis that can be solved just like the Australian’s, with strict send back policy if they are illegals, and now their problem has almost gone; acknowledging we can’t sort out the deep trouble we are in, by keep building on green fields in an already densely populated country and where wildlife is already very much in steep decline, and the loss can’t be mitigated away on a planner’s and landscaper’s drawing boards, as habit loss is a big part of the decline.

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