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Hot weather sees rise in burglaries

THE FINE weather has brought warnings for home owners to be extra vigilant about security.

The message to would-be victims follows police warnings of a potential spike in domestic burglaries as temperatures soar.

Will McCarter, of insurance broker Lycetts, said: ‘When the air heats up, people naturally tend to open more windows and doors.

‘It’s all too easy to forget to secure them at night, making it easier for opportunistic burglars to strike.

‘Burglars will often target small, expensive items such as watches and jewellery as they can be easy to find and sold-on swiftly.’

He urged householders to consider bolstering home security with smart technology.

‘We have witnessed an upsurge in the number of clients investing in smart home security systems and doorbell cameras, as well as app-controlled locks, smart motion-sensor cameras and wireless light switches, which are all great ways of improving security and reducing the risk profile for insurers.

“However, while technology has its advantages, homeowners should be mindful that it can also pose risks.

‘Social media can be a useful resource for would-be burglars, as they can easily scope out your daily schedules to establish when the house is most likely to be empty.

‘Review privacy settings on social media platforms, refrain from over-sharing information, and only share holiday snaps once you’ve returned home.’

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