Last chance to have your say on plan

Councillor Joan Atkins, chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, says she is pleased to have driven the process this far, to date, and gives credit to that group and the people of Teignmouth themselves who have contributed their thoughts (and dreams) on the initial draft (last May) and this amended draft which when finalised […]

Park in need of volunteers

When you see how many (invasive) plants are around the National Park you realise the challenge. But we just need to disrupt the life cycles, and every extra volunteer splits the task up. I’ve found that volunteers have a great attitude and work hard, so the more we can get them on board, the easier […]

Warning as drought status is declared

The National Drought Group, made up of senior decision makers from the Environment Agency, government, water companies and key representative groups, joined by Water Minister Steve Double, on Friday to announce drought status in response to the driest summer in 50 years and discussed the continued action needed. Source link

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