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Don’t give up on impossible dream

How often in your life have you given up on a dream because it just seems impossible to achieve?

You think of something you would like to do, or have, or achieve in life but then the next thought is “that’s not something I could ever do or have or achieve.” The challenges often appear quicker than the solutions do, so we often become convinced we can’t do something and quickly give up even trying.

This week I have been inspired by people who have not given up but have come up with different way of achieving things.

You may have heard the story on the news of Martin Hibbert who was paralysed in the Manchester bombing.

His dream had been to climb Kilimanjaro, a feat which most people would dismiss as impossible in a wheelchair. However, Martin was not prepared to give up on his dream.

It took a lot of preparation and a team of people willing to help him – but he made it. And that was despite all the challenges, all the odds and all the people who probably told him he was mad to even attempt it. Martin said that one of his aims was to change perceptions of disability. He has certainly gone a long way towards doing that.

But not everybody needs to climb Africa’s tallest mountain. Often it’s enough simply to challenge your own way of thinking and to find creative ways of getting to your destination when the straightest route isn’t available.

I bumped into David, a friend from church, when outside the supermarket this week. He mentioned a friend of his who volunteers each week to read this newspaper to people who are visually impaired.

Somehow I found that thought too hugely inspiring. This was another example of people unable to do something the traditional way finding another, more creative way to do the same thing.

If you can’t enjoy a newspaper using your eyes – you could be tempted to give up on newspapers entirely. However, the other option is to say how can I get round this? With the help of volunteers I can still enjoy the same newspaper using my ears. Simple, but brilliant.

It occurred to me that this is something we should all take inspiration from. Next time  an idea seems just too complicated or difficult for some reason, it may well be worth asking yourself if there is another way round it.

Creative thinking has been behind every invention and every advance that has ever happened in the world.

A bit of creative thinking in your own life might be just what you need to come up with a new way of doing things and achieving your dreams despite any challenges that may exist.

Like anyone who writes in a newspaper, I never know who might read the words I write – or in fact if anyone will read them at all.

This week though, I know that these words will be read out loud to those who have a visual impairment.

If you are either reading these words out loud, or they are being read to you – I would like to dedicate this column to you.

I want to say thank you for not giving up – for finding a way round things and for reminding us that there is always a creative way to achieve our dreams. I needed that reminder myself this week – so thank you for your inspiration.

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