Dahl classic is a sellout for young performers

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NEWTS Junior Theatre Group returned once more to The Alexandra Theatre to stage their production of Matilda JR The Musical.

The cast performed to a full house every night, after tickets sold out in less than two weeks.

Director, Claire Holden says: ‘The cast of Matilda comprises of local young people aged between 8-17 years.

‘They have worked really hard over the past 12 week rehearsal period and have loved every moment of performing at The Alexandra Theatre.

‘Our huge worry now is that with Teignbridge plans to “gut” our town’s historical (Grade II Listed), as part of their redevelopment plans for the high street, it could mean that this is NEWTS’ last opportunity to perform at The Alexandra Theatre, which would be such a devastating loss for our whole community.

“The Alexandra Theatre is our town’s only fully functioning theatre.

“It has such huge potential and if saved could be a successful, vibrant arts hub and community theatre, that could be enjoyed by all, for future generations to come.

“In a world that now faces growing issues surrounding mental health and well-being in our young people, it has been a joy to watch all the young performers leaving the theatre every night ‘buzzing’, with huge smiles on their faces and their hearts full of joy.

“Surely Teignbridge District Council should be treasuring culture and heritage and finding ways to promote wellbeing and happiness within our community, not destroying it!”

Words and pictures supplied by Claire Holden

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