Church gig has something to rock your everyday listening habits

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AN AUSTRIAN Art rock project band from Austria will be performing at Newton Abbot’s Abbotsbury Church next weekend.

Lead by Dominik Wallner and Alfons Wohlmuth, Salzburg-based Blank Manuskript are a musical chamber of wonder – internationally successful with uncompromisingly bizarre rock music, the ensemble has gained a unique reputation.

Their music is characterised by its sophisticated symphonic arrangements as well as extensive psychedelic improvisations, thus rocking our everyday listening habits. 

They create music paired with mystical-vivid lyrics to transfer its audience into flamboyant musical spheres that have a unique effect on the listeners.

Joining then in convert on Saturday, April 23, will be The Emerald Dawn, a multi-instrumentalist, symphonic progressive rock quartet, who combine elements from classical music, jazz and rock to produce their own original, distinctive and exciting sound.

Tickets for the 7.30pm gig are priced at £13.60 and can be booked via the website

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