Candlelight vigil for women’s rights tonight

A CANDLE lit vigil will be held in Teignmouth tonight, Monday, in support of women in the USA fighting for their rights.

One of the organisers, Peta Howell, says: ‘The women and men are gathering tonight in Teignmouth to show their solidarity with women in the USA following the ruling on Roe Vs Wade.

‘We will be meeting at 7pm, and lighting candles together.

‘Please come and show your solidarity to the Women of the USA following the supreme court ruling this week.

‘I want to show my solidarity to the Women of the USA who are seeing their rights and their autonomy stripped bare.

‘There is a lot of frightened and sad people around and it would be really good for us to show strength and love and support each other.

‘I’m not after a debate on abortion. This is about women’s rights, and the rights of other marginalised communities who will no doubt feel the consequences of this ruling.’

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