Ann Widdecombe confesses her love for a member of the opposition

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ON her visit to Teign u3a of Newton Abbot Ann Widdecombe enthralled members with a brilliant speech, enticing our members with tales of her time on Strictly Come Dancing and of course her many political achievements.

Hilariously funny at points, she spoke for almost an hour with no notes or hesitation.

Miss Widdecombe, a highly successful politician, served in the Shadow Cabinet under William Hague as Shadow Secretary of State for Health and then Shadow Home Secretary.

She later joined John Major’s Government where she held three Government posts after which she was promoted to Minister of State.

And of course let’s not forget in May of 2019 Miss Widdecombe won one of three seats for the Brexit Party in the South West of England and helped to carry out the Country’s wishes to leave the EU.

Not only can Miss Widdecombe boast of her high achieving Political Career she is also an extremely accomplished author and speaker.

Of course throughout her long career she has had some strong, unpopular views especially on Gay rights. But, no enemies is the mark of an unlived life and you definitely could not say that about Ann Widdecombe.

Oh and the character she most wanted to cuddle from the opposition benches…David Blunkett’s dog!

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